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Quality Hammocks since 1985

Hatteras Hammocks® has been in business for over 25 years. It was in the early seventies that the company founder, Walter Perkins Jr., began selling out of the trunk of his car a few hammocks that he had purchased on business trips. Mr. Perkins disassembled one of these sought after rope hammocks in his garage and set about improving it. "This was a perfect example of a hobby becoming a business," states Mr. Perkins. The first of Mr. Perkins' new and improved "Hatteras Hammocks" was sold to friends around his hometown of Greenville, NC as well as taken down to the coast of North Carolina and sold to visitors in that area.

Hatteras Hammocks In 1971, Hatteras Hammocks® was incorporated. By 1987, Hatteras Hammocks® had grown at such a rate as to become the largest rope hammock manufacturer in the world. Today, Hatteras Hammocks® continues to be the industry leader with continuous additions to its innovative product line that include hammocks, stands, swings, and hammock accessories, as well as state of the art improvements to its manufacturing capabilities. Hatteras Hammocks® is known for working hard at making relaxing easy.

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